Vogel USA Bulk Pellets .177 Cal, .51-.55 Gram

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Vogel pellets are the an excellent pellet for those competing in 3P Air or precision airgun events. These pellets weight .50-.55 grams and are sold in a 4.50 diameter. This bulk pellet pack is sold as a 6,000 pellet count bulk pack and is packaged in a durable, re-usable, round plastic container. There are no individual tins, so you save some of cost by not having individual tins. You are guaranteed to receive at least 6,000 pellets. These pellets are mixed lots. These pellets do not undergo the same quality control that our high end product lines do. Therefore, they are sold at a much lower cost. We do not offer any warranty on these products as they may have a material defect that can affect match accuracy. We do not recommend these for competition or match use. They work well in both rifles and pistols. This is a wonderful choice for those needing a large amount of pellets, but are on a budget. Bulk club discounts are available for those interested. Email us at info@vogelusa.com for details.

More about Vogel USA: We offer a variety of pellet grades; our match pellets are out top of the line pellets, followed by our orange tins, followed by our bulk product. Each pellet is unique to each shooter an each clubs' situation. Ideally, the Match (Green Tin) pellets are used for competition and high scores, the orange for training and the bulk pellets offer excellent value for those needing pellets for 4H, clubs, or younger shooters with less experience.

Why Vogel?

We proudly manufacture these in Colorado Springs, CO in our ISO 9001:2015 facility. We take quality very seriously and we are a lean six-sigma organization.

Results with Vogel:

These pellets have taken the Podium with Gold medals around the world. In 2005, they took they swept the NCAA Air Rifle Championships. They are used by hundreds of clubs around the USA and globally.

The history of Vogel:

Vogel GMBH was a German manufacture of pellets whose machines were used by other top of the line pellet manufacturers. Vogel USA Purchased this equipment; it has been re-located under new ownership to Colorado Springs, CO taking place in late 2017.

VOGEL PELLETS is managed by Podium LLC, podiumpellets.com

Please call us at: (719) 354-2555 or via email at: info@vogelusa.com