Podium 230Grain, .45 cal, Flat Point, Bevel Base, Hi-Tek Coated in Bronze Color, Re-Load Only

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Podium Bullets offer an affordable, yet quality cast bullet from a name that has been manufacturing precision airgun pellets for years.

The premium cast bullets are made in our ISO 9001:2015 aerospace-certified facility. These cast bullets are coated with the Hi-Tek coating that reduces smoke and makes after range clean-up a breeze. They shoot great in guns such as Glocks or other pistols/SBRs with Polygonal rifling. These bullets feature a low weight tolerance. They are manufactured with 92-6-2 lab-certified alloy that has a Brinell hardness of around 16. The flat on the head of the bullet feeds very well in semi-automatic pistols and works well in collators if you use one. The flat features of this bullet also provide a deadly impact when compared to round-nose ammunition.

  • Sized to .452
  • Brinell hardness of 16
  • Lab-certified 92-6-2 alloy that is ultra clean for the best weight performance
  • Coated in Hi-Tek coating for limited fouling and much less smoke than traditional lubed bullets. They leave the equivalent or less fouling than a copper bullet.
  • Our coating process uses laboratory ovens to control the coating process to provide the best coating available.
  • Bullets are bagged in thick bags and then double boxed to ensure they arrive in the best condition.

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Why Podium?

We proudly manufacture these in Colorado Springs, CO in our ISO 9001:2015 facility. We take quality very seriously and we are a lean six-sigma organization.

Results with Podium:

Our air gun pellets have taken the Podium with Gold medals around the world. In 2005, they took they swept the NCAA Air Rifle Championships. Our bullets are made with the same precision and care as our pellet line and we group should each lot to ensure top-level accuracy.

Please call us at: (719) 354-2555 or via email at: sales@podiumpellets.com