Our Quality

Quality Policy


Podium, LLC is committed to manufacturing and developing quality, innovative, US-made products. Our quality management system demonstrates our commitment to delivering products that meet and exceed our customer’s requirements, with on-time part delivery. This allows us to continually improve our processes and procedures for the benefit of our customers, end-users, staff, and key business partners.

Certification: ISO 9001:2015

Podium is certified to ISO 9001:2015. This standard from the International Standards Organization is a globally recognized quality management system. Podium achieved certification in December of 2019.


  • The Company undergoes regular independent audits.
  • All measurement equipment is calibrated and certified by outside laboratories.
  • Our quality manual is updated regularly to ensure our customers receive the very best.
  • Order accuracy is ensured via an electronic auditing process.
  • Raw materials are laboratory certified.


Bullet and Pellet Quality

  • We conduct shot groups on all of our batches of product using an advanced computer system that measures group diameter, velocity, and more. Each batch must meet certain parameters to be sold.
  • Our orders are packed to ensure your bullets or pellets arrive in great condition.

*Due to safety and security, we do not conduct public tours for any reason.