At Podium, we offer airgun pellets for airgunners of all levels. Our airgun pellets give you a high level of consistency and accuracy across most any airgun. The Vogel USA Wadcutter pellets offer you three varieties of pellets to chose from. Our Match Grade, the LG Match Pellets provides users a highly consistent .177 wadcutter pellet that is packaged in 500 count tins. The Vogel Training offers users a mid-level training pellet that features our screw on lid with foam lining in the tin. The Vogel Bulk boasts a 6,000 count jar of .177 wadcutter pellets for those that shoot a lot!


For those who shoot pistol and re-load, our Hi-Tek Coated pistol bullets are an excellent pistol bullet at a great price. They feature 92-6-2 lab certified lead and are casted in our facility in Colorado Springs, CO. The bullets are coated in the Hi-Tek polymer coating that prevents lead build-up. We offer a few varieties of these bullets, 9mm 115 grain, 9mm 124 grain, 9mm 147 grain, .40 cal 180 grain, .45 cal 230 grain. All bullets come with the Hi-Tek coating and are packaged extremely well to prevent any damage.

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